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I’m currently working four days a week within the BBC Archive development team on the top floor of TV Centre, and as a result finding time to blog, write columns and keep up to date on my RSS feeds is proving increasingly tricky.

I’ve started using Posterous to repost material as it’s easier to send them an email than it is to add and edit a post here. I’ve added an autopost feature from Posterous to this blog, too,  but it may be worth looking at if you want to keep track of me for the next few months.

3 Replies to “Find me over on Posterous”

  1. Hey Bill – thanks for the heads up on Posterous – managed to miss that one.

    As an aside – you can set up an email address for this wordpress blog – just email and it’ll post automatically… magic… at least that’s what I think, I’m not convinced about this technology lark.


  2. Bill –

    I’m a retired photo-journo/editor/publisher (MD)/UN-Adviser and currengtly (of course) an archivist. I’d like to talk to you about your current archive-job and yr views on copyright. There’s more to it than you’ve thought (or at least written in haste to date).

    Yrs aye..

    P.S. I don’t have great faith in this sort of thing, tho’ I’ve used computers since well before there was a WWW/I’net or even the intro of bulletin boards. Prove me wrong?

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