Learning from the locals

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website, and it was also picked up by Charles Johnson on lgf]

The students in my online journalism class at City University this year must be wondering whether they have made the right choice.

Getting a professional qualification in journalism, with its shorthand classes, endless lectures on ethics and numerous assignments designed to hone students’ reporting skills, may well look like too much effort in the world of citizen journalism.
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Oxford Media Convention

Ed Richards has just finished talking at the Oxford Media Convention and is taking some questions – including the obvious one from a Daily Telegraph journalist, which he will almost certainly kick into touch.

It was, as always with the patrician Mr Richards, a carefully judged, eloquently delivered and cleverly constructed speech, one which could be read as reassuring the entrenched interests in broadcasting while also outlining a view of the future which, if it comes to pass, will almost certainly mean their current business models are redundant.

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A new you?

[As ever you can read this on the BBC News website]

A business user who forgot the password for their account on the corporate network would probably get a withering look from the IT department as they grovelled to have it reset, but it seems that young people who forget their MySpace logins are just as likely to make a new account as fret over their lost friends or painstakingly constructed homepage decorations.

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Digital Planet on net governance and Vista

This week’s DP is a discussion about Microsoft Vista which segues smoothly into consideration of net regulation and governance. Gareth and I were joined by Kieren McCarthy, Hossein Derakhshan and John Palfrey – yes, all men, and it’s an issue which we’re very aware with on the programme and hope to do more about this year.

Kieren has a nice writeup of the whole thing, in which he describes me as

woolly mammoth and terrific IT journo Bill Thompson

which I’m happy to live with 🙂