Can Microsoft Open Up?

[As ever, this is also on the BBC News website]

Microsoft has stirred up debate in the open source community by announcing that it will be submitting two licenses to the Open Source Initiative for approval.

Like the steps to sainthood, the process of having a license recognised can be long and hard, but fortunately it does not require proof of miraculous intervention, only conformity with the open source standards laid out by the OSI.

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iPlayer on Mac…

iPlayer on Mac…

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Just signed up for the BBC iPlayer trial, and it works just fine on my MacBook 🙂 Of course, if I didn’t already have XP+Parallels it would be an expensive hobby to indulge in.

Changing the way we think about security

[As ever, read this on the BBC News website if you prefer]

The long-term viability of the iPhone is unlikely to be seriously damaged by reports of a serious security vulnerability that allows hackers to take over the device.

Most early iPhone adopters have bought into the Apple mythology which convinces them that anything blessed by Steve Jobs is automatically desirable, so we won’t see a mass return of the shiny devices with their slick interface.

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I’ve been involved with since shortly after it was founded, and spent a lot of time at their offices in Gt Sutton Street. They had to move after the rent was increased, so I went along to say goodbye. With a camera, natch.

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