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From Social Networks to Network Politics

[As ever,  you can read this on the BBC News website]

The imminent arrival of Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister by acclamation seems to have prompted an outpouring of speculation on the future of the British political system.

Recognising, perhaps, that Brown will be far closer to Blair in his policies than many of his followers would wish, the debate has moved up a level to address the processes, structures and operations of our flawed democracy.

And in a reflection of the changed times in which we live, much of the discussion is taking place online instead of in the traditional smoke-filled rooms or on the editorial pages of our finer newspapers.

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  • Your Space, My Space, Everybody’s Space – The background to the pressure on MySpace to disclose details of registered sex offenders who had signed up, and some valuable commentary on the nature of privacy today.
  • Pull apart this cuckoo’s nest we’re building – Henry Porter on surveillance – eloquent as ever, even when he’s wrongheaded. But here he is completely spot on
  • RSA Journal – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – to give it its full name – has always been the place for interesting thinking.

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  • Zero case for lying – Finkelstein points out that the the new ‘advice’ to pregnant women not to drink alcohol is in fact not based on any new evidence and amounts to using the medical profession to push a government policy that is not scientifically justified. Not a good idea,
  • VM enables “write-once, run anywhere” Linux apps – Virtualisation, my dear. Or, as Roger Needham used to point out, there isn’t a single problem in computing that can’t be solved with another level of indirection.
  • ShowYourself Widget – Want to break down any possible barriers between your social networks? You know, I’m sorely tempted..
  • Film Shed – Home – the kids are getting into film-making…
  • Facebook Platform Launch – The way FaceBook integrates applications is very significant for social networking. And very cool 🙂

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Originally uploaded by BillT.

They’ve turfed Trafalgar Square and it’ is quite fabulous. Sat on the grass yesterday enjoying the ambience and reflecting on the nature of public space…

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Which freedoms do we want?

The idea that the internet is an unregulated space where free expression is the guiding principle and we can all talk openly took another blow last week with the latest report on net filtering from the Open Net Initiative.

Their study found many countries were filtering websites and email, and some were blocking new services like voice over IP. China, Burma, Tunisia and Iran were among the countries mentioned, and the overall message was that things are getting worse for the open internet.

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