Which terms are you on?

Billy Bragg’s music is back on MySpace, and we should all be pleased.

Even if you’re not a fan of his jangling guitar, political sensibilities and poetry of failed relationships and broken promises – and I am –  it’s great to see an artist with such a long history making good use of the network to reach a new audience. Continue reading “Which terms are you on?”

I’m tired of spam

[Read an edited version of this on the BBC News online, as ever]
About two weeks ago I started getting a lot of bounced emails. Most of them were notifications from the ‘postmaster’ somewhere that my email could not be delivered because the recipient didn’t exist, but quite a lot were from spam filters to tell me that I’d sent messages that they weren’t willing to accept.

It seems I’ve been pushing stocks in dodgy companies, offering pharmaceuticals without prescription and even sending virus-laden images to unwitting users.

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New rights? Old tactics..

[You can also read this on the BBC News site, as usual]

Earlier this month the Association of Indepedent Music had one of those roundtable debates that industry bodies are so fond of.

As well as the independents there were people from the Musician’s Union, the Music Managers Forum and the MCPS-PRS, who license the use of music on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers.  All in all they claimed to represent some 85,000 UK music companies and individuals, though obviously they couldn’t all fit in a room at once. Continue reading “New rights? Old tactics..”

Cambridge betrayed

Cambridge betrayed

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Taken from the roof of the arts picturehouse, this shows the sidewall of the new Robert Sayle department store – except they are going to call it John Lewis when it opens in 2008… we must stop this!