I’m lucky enough to be in Geneva today at the simply wonderful Lift09, where I’ve met lots of great people – old and new friends – and been stimulated, entertained and surprised.

I gave a short talk at lunchtime, and the video is here.  It was intended as a provocation – my own ‘Modest Proposal’, as someone said – so don’t hold me to all of it…

You can see all of the videos too.

2 Replies to “Lift09”

  1. good talk, how do I embed this video in my own blog. generation g whom live more open then any generation before don’t think they have to give up privacy. danah boyd talks about it in relation to control.

    If you we giving up privacy (in public) what benefits do we reap? targeted advertising? no thanks, greater sharing through mutual discovery? new avenues via yet to undiscovered common interests or purpose.

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