I’ve taught someone to microblog

My good friend Solana Larsen is Managing Editor at Global Voices and one of the more imaginative, creative and simply inspiring people I know. Last week she decided to something suitably bloggy to celebrate February 14:

Valentine’s Day (February 14) is a day of love, friendship and communication. What better way to mark the occasion than to teach someone you love to blog or micro-blog?

If you are a Global Voices contributor or reader, you know that blogging brings joy, happiness and new friends to millions of people. Bloggers in our community have already pledged to teach their friends and loved ones, and will be writing about it in their own blogs on Valentines Day. You can sign it too…

We’d like to invite you to join us in this meme!

Think for a moment about the people in your life. Share this gift with your family, friends, readers and sweethearts – and tell us how it went!

It’s a lovely idea, but my partner is already extremely technologically-competent and builds websites as well as blogging.

Fortunately she hadn’t ever seen the point of Twitter, so we sat down, installed Twhirl on her MacBook Air and went through the finer points of Twitter etiquette.

The world may not need another twitterer, but it’s got one now, and you can follow her at @annerooney