Facebook foolishness

I like Facebook, and I use it a lot, but I don’t trust random applications that ask for access to my profile data or want to be able to post on my Wall, so I don’t add them even when people I like ask me to do so – I’ll settle for the few apps (like Causes and 30Boxes) that are useful to me.

But it gets a bit silly…

Current requests
Current requests

4 Replies to “Facebook foolishness”

  1. I’ve ended up with a status message telling people that I don’t want to add applications unless they’re useful…stemmed the tide slightly, but not a lot.

    The problem seems to come from a lot of family members and friends who have just joined Facebook and are caught up in the enthusiasm of something new…

  2. It’s this kind of silliness that made me scale back my use of Facebook. I’ve set my options so as not to get this kind of invitation and so had thought it had decreased but clearly not…

    Mind you I suspect you have many more friends than I on Facebook.

  3. This is exactly why I prefer Twitter to Facebook, I just can’t stand all the requests, become a pirate, etc. Twitter’s much more relevant and best of all, quick.

  4. I notice that you cleared your friend requests before doing the screengrab. I usually have half-a-dozen pending because I’ve got a bad memory for everyone I meet. I offended someone once when I binned their request (the pic didn’t look like them and I didn’t remember their name). Now I don’t click ‘ignore’ for a while just in case I remember….

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