Sao Paulo: night sky from the roof

Sao Paulo: night sky from the roof

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This is what it looked like on the 15th floor yesterday evening around 8pm local time. The city just goes on and on, in all directions, stretching around me. I’d swear it was growing as I looked.

Today has been a lot of fun with Mark and Sarah, also here for the conference. We went to the Museum of Art, a fabulous modern building on Av Paulista, with some wonderful European work (Titian, Botticelli, Monet, Picasso) and some great modern Brazilan stuff too.

Then lunch in a little restaurant filled with people on their lunch break – no real sign of tourists around here, it’s not that sort of city. And now back at the hotel for a break and to catch up on work stuff and prepare for tomorrow’s talk.

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