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Here’s what I’ve tagged on del.icio.us on March 1st:

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  1. Please, please, please. Can you persuade the BBC to get a report regarding BT & Phorm on their website.
    So far I’ve written to BT, the BBC, The Telegraph, my MP & three Peers. So far I’ve got a repsonse from my MP & one Peer to say they’ve querying BT & Ofcom.
    Getting this into the mainstream media is turning into a real problem.

  2. Phorm is stirring up a lot of worry amongst subscribers to the affected ISPS, with many stating they will defect unless their ISPs drop this idea pretty quickly:

    The Register’s Phorm files

    One thing that hasn’t been highlighted strongly enough is that Phorm will be able to spy on the advertising sent to Phormed ISP subscribers and so give Phorm a substantial advantage over other web advertisers.

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