Keeping the Internet Open

[as ever, you can read this on the BBC News website]

In a desperate search for a reason to issue a press release the US-based Software and Information Industry Association has latched onto the tenth anniverary of the US Government’s ‘Framework for Global Electronic Commerce’ as an excuse to put out yet another ranking of significant developments in internet history.

A group of unnamed ‘policy and industry experts’ has chosen the top ten developments in ecommerce since 1997, and although pseudo-polls like this one usually merit little attention there are some unexpected nuggets in the list.

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Having a Blast

[As ever, this is on the BBC News website]

I have spent a significant chunk of the past four days teaching a group of young people how to make radio and television, working with the fantastic team from the BBC’s Blast on Tour project.

They are the real-world bit of Blast, the BBC’s youth creativity service, offering all the stuff that you can’t do so well on a website like free workshops in dance, fashion, music, animation and, of course, film and radio.

Last week they were on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge with a modern mobile digital studio built into a lorry and three marquees for dance workshops.

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My bookmarks for July 4th through July 9th

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Let a thousand domains bloom

One of the Internet’s main governing bodies, ICANN, has just finished its latest public meeting in Puerto Rico. After a week of debates on subjects like Accountability and Transparency Management, and workshops on Domain Tasting and WHOIS, delegates, representatives and interested observers are all heading home, wondering whether anything useful has been achieved.

ICANN, founded in 1988 by the US Government to take over responsibility for key aspects of the internet’s technical architecture like domain names and IP addresses, has had a troubled history.

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My bookmarks for July 1st through July 2nd

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My bookmarks for June 29th through June 30th

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