A future for the Web

On Sunday I gave a talk at Common Europe 2007, a conference for users of IBM’s mid-range System i computers. It was an interesting audience, although I’m not sure what most of them made of my argument against US cultural hegemony online and in favour of an open but regulated Internet. But we have to try.

If you feel like it, you can listen to the talk (about 40 mins) here.
[audio:ibmtalk.mp3] or download it from here.

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  1. Hi Bill, any chance of getting this posted as an MP3 so i can get it on my ipod. I rarely get the time at my desk to just sit and listen for long.

    PS: the captcha you use “whats my surname” is a pain. I entered “ingram” which is of course my surname, got and error message (which then made it obvious what I should have written, duh me) but when i used back my painstaking original typed comment was gone. So i had to retype it. Maybe its designed to ensure that people don’t ramble. Hmm, kinda failed here eh? 🙂

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