Cambridge betrayed

Cambridge betrayed

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Taken from the roof of the arts picturehouse, this shows the sidewall of the new Robert Sayle department store – except they are going to call it John Lewis when it opens in 2008… we must stop this!

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  1. They’re not going to call it Robert Sayle! Not good.

    I wasn’t sure to start with if that was that betrayal you were referring to, or if you meant the architecture of the place. Which just looks like another larger, generic shopping centre, rather than anything more imaginative.

  2. Terrible news. Robert Sayle was part of my growing up in Cambridge. I loved the maze of corridors, staircases etc.

    ps. I used to see you on the train when I was commuting into London from Royston. Now that I’ve Reggie-Perrined myself to death I’ve relocated to Leeds…

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