Pixels and Paintbrushes

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The 53rd Venice Art Biennale has just opened, a massive exhibition of contemporary art from around the world that takes over large parts of the city every two years from June to November and turns it into a showcase for the new, the experimental, the exciting and the just plain weird.

And I do mean weird.

Hidden depths There’s a semi-submerged Russian submarine in the Grand Canal, an Icelandic artist is going to spend the next six months painting a series of bad portraits of a cigarette-smoking model, and a group of Nordic artists are exhibiting a very life-like corpse floating face-down in a swimming pool while a group of naked men sit on deckchairs nearby.

Seventy-seven countries are taking part, many of them exhibiting their work in purpose built pavilions in the public gardens of the Giardini while others can be found in the former shipyard of the Arsenale or scattered across palaces and warehouses throughout the city.

As well as the national pavilions there are forty-four associated exhibitions and events, and nearly one hundred individual artists have been invited to show work in the central ‘Making Worlds’ exhibition.

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Post-Biennale Blues

The Biennale’s new office…

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I’ve just finished four days in Venice for the Vernissage of the 2009 Biennale with the BBC World Service Digital Planet team of Gareth Mitchell and Colin Grant.

We had an excellent time, and it’s always hard to leave this wonderful city.

There are some photos on Flickr, including some nice pictures of our interview with John Cale whose work is in the Welsh Pavilion, and I also made some AudioBoos while we were there:

On my way

Arriving in Venice

The Wedding at Cana (Peter Greenaway)

Breakfast with Gareth and Colin


Back to Arsenale

All Done