The iPad as a Blogger’s Tool

I am writing this on my iPad, using the WordPress app so I can work on a post offline and then update it when I get latched on to a network. I’m still getting used to the onscreen keyboard, which is decent enough apart from having to search for punctuation and the autocorrect – which I may turn off as it is less useful on a tablet device than a phone, especially when much of my technical vocabulary isn’t in the dictionary.

As someone who has carried a laptop around for most of the last fifteen years simply having a computing device with me is far from a major step forward but the format of the ipad might encourage me to write more often and to work on stuff when I only have a couple of minutes free, a time period to small to justify pulling out even a fast-starting MacBook. We will see.

I’m planning to spend a few days without my laptop to force me to engage with the pad. I’ve acquired a MiFi after John Naughton showed me how useful they are – and am using it to post this. And I will report on my experiences. Should be fun.