When the new becomes old

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website]

Sometimes on a  Monday afternoon I find myself sitting a desk in a small room in a fairly nondescript office block near Cambridge railway station waiting for the network engineers at Bush House to call me up on an ISDN line so that I can take part in Digital Planet, the World Service technology programme I appear on most weeks.

It’s the same studio used by contributors to many other radio programmes. Every time I hear that the ‘Thought for the Day’ on Radio 4’s Today is coming from Cambridge I think of  the yellow panels, the squeaky chair and the 1930’s style microphone I know so well.

While I prefer to be in studio C21 so that I can sit opposite presenter Gareth Mitchell and watch producer Michelle Martin through the glass, it isn’t always possible – this week my son has his first GCSE exams and I want to be around to comfort him after his RE and Maths papers, so I’ll do the show down the line instead.

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