Core Problem for Apple

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website. And it was picked up on the MSDN Developer blog]

The computer manufacturer formerly known as ‘Apple Computer’ changed its name to Apple Inc. eighteen months ago, reflecting the growing importance to its profitability of consumer gadgets like iPods, shiny toys like iPhones and of course music sales from the iTunes Music Store.

It was a sensible move, since the real money is no longer in powerful multi-processor servers for high-end graphics, video and music production but in laptops for the Vista-resistant masses, phones to keep workers connected to corporate servers and music devices for the kids.

Being a cool brand really helps in this, of course. Apple’s reputation may be  built on high design, functionality and usability, but a big part of its current success comes not from the quality of its products but careful control of all aspects of the message.

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