No DRM, no cry?

Earlier this week the Westminster eForum held a discussion on digital rights management at which Derek Wyatt MP made some interesting proposals about getting the British Library to lead the debate on how copy protection and rights management should be regulated and managed.

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Gone Digital March 20th

That’s it, then. No more Go Digital on the BBC World Service. From next week when the new World Service schedule starts we will be ‘Digital Planet’.

Some of the emails we had in response to our announcement of the change on last week’s programme were cynical, claiming that it was just a marketing-inspired rebranding. However I think it does go deeper than that, and marks a change in focus which will, over time, lead to significant differences in the sorts of stories we cover and the approach we take.

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Gone Digital: over and out

And so it goes. Next week is the last edition of ‘Go Digital’ on the BBC World Service, after four and a half years on air, encompassing shows from Tunis, Geneva, India, Kenya, Mali and – for me, anyway -Venice, California, Naples, Manchester and Cambridge.

From March 27th we’ll be ‘Digital Planet’, a name that is intended to reflect the importance of digital technologies to us all these days, with well over a billion people online, well over a billion cellphones in circulation, and a world economy that relies on computers, networks and a vast array of digital technologies.
I’ll still be there, I’m pleased to say, as the producers seem to like what I get up each week, and Gareth will be presenting as before.

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What’s up with the billblog

A word of explanation: the old machine that I called ‘bill’ and which lived with my friends at Verity Networks died a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve taken the opportunity to move my virtual home to a Linux installation hosted by Bytemark. You’re here now.

I’ve got a backup of the WordPress database from ‘bill’ but haven’t had time to get it transferred and uploaded – that will happen this coming wekend. And I’ll try to make sure that old URLs work and all comments are in place.

‘’ will point here and remain accessible, but it will more correctly be ‘’.

That’s about it..