Cambridge Film Festival Podcast

The Cambridge Film Festival kicks off next week and runs to July 16, with over two hundred films being shown. It’s one of the best things about living in Cambridge – I’ve been going to the festival for over twenty years now! And this year I get to be part of the team, as I’m producing a daily podcast with news, reviews and interviews.

We’ve done the first one, hosted at Liberated Syndication, and you might like to listen. It will go daily from next week, and it’s a lot of fun.

John Naughton’s Inaugural

Due to the unfortunate timing – he was speaking just as I was recording Digital Planet at Bush House – I missed John Naughton’s inaugural lecture as a professor at the Open University (only four years late, as Quentin points out). Fortunately the transcript is now available, and the webcast will soon be viewable – perhaps they’ve forgotten their YouTube password over in Walton Hall 🙂

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Buying tickets for the Folk Festival

Every year Cambridge hosts a rather fine Folk Festival, sponsored in recent years by BBC Radio 2. And in recent years it has become rather popular, so as a result it is hard to get tickets. In response to this the City Council, which promotes the event, has decided to make it not just hard but positively unpleasant to buy tickets: they have no online booking, a phone line with one person on it [it seems], postal booking with no guarantee – and a box office that you can attend in person. Perhaps they believe that this will ensure that only dedicated folk fans and Cambridge residents will attend, thus preserving the purity of the event. Or perhaps they are just incompetent, stupid and contemptuous of those – like me – who pay their wages or vote them in.
Today I spent the day queuing, and like any working geek I had my laptop with me. I also had my camera.
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Off to India

I’m making a short trip to Delhi with the BBC next week, arriving on May 6 and leaving on the 10th. We’re going to record material for Digital Planet, and I’ll also be meeting up with the Delhi Bloggers on Saturday night for a chat.

I haven’t been to India before, and am looking forward to it immensely – I hope to meet up with some of the Linux community too, and will be reporting back.

Home from Cuba

Lili and I are back from our trip to Havana, where we had a fantastic time, of which more later. Just chugging through th accumulated emails, so here’s a photo of me and the boys to give you a taste….

Bill and the boys

Offline until April 9th

I’m shortly heading to London, and then via Paris to Havana, Cuba for a week’s holiday. I won’t be seeking out Internet connectivity, so it’s unlikely I’ll read any emails between now and April 9th when I’m back. My phone should work, so if you know the number you can try it if it’s urgent.

More when I get back.