Off to Japan to Discuss Digital Creativity #bcdcc

I’m very excited because on Thursday I fly to Tokyo, on Virgin Atlantic (I know, it’s the wrong ocean!), for a British Council organised conference on digital creativity called the Digital Creative Conference. Others on the trip include the inspirational Clare Reddington from iShed, the inestimable Drew Hemment from FutureEverything. the amazing Jim Richardson from Sumo Design and the wondrous artist Duncan Speakman.
Details of all of them are at

I’ll be giving a talk on Saturday afternoon and I want to use the space to explore some of my ideas around the way arts organisations of all types can engage more fully in the increasingly networked world that many of us inhabit. Everyone involved in arts and culture faces their own challenge of course, not just the arts organisations – audiences, artists and practitioners all work and experience work in a newly configured ecosystem.

I’ll be talking about this in a series of tweets, posts and audioboos between now and the moment I stand up to speak on Saturday – and may not stop then. I’d be interested in your views too, either here or on one of the other social networks that seem to give my work structure these days! There’s a Tumblr at with all the information, and it will be live streamed so if you’re around on Saturday have a look. My audioboos are at
Watch this space…

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