I saw this…

Here’s what I’ve tagged on del.icio.us on May 27th:

  • Zero case for lying – Finkelstein points out that the the new ‘advice’ to pregnant women not to drink alcohol is in fact not based on any new evidence and amounts to using the medical profession to push a government policy that is not scientifically justified. Not a good idea,
  • VM enables “write-once, run anywhere” Linux apps – Virtualisation, my dear. Or, as Roger Needham used to point out, there isn’t a single problem in computing that can’t be solved with another level of indirection.
  • ShowYourself Widget – Want to break down any possible barriers between your social networks? You know, I’m sorely tempted..
  • Film Shed – Home – the kids are getting into film-making…
  • Facebook Platform Launch – The way FaceBook integrates applications is very significant for social networking. And very cool 🙂