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  1. Your intro to VISTA on BBC Radio 4’s PM included a comment on alternatives – in which you said Apple’s MAC OS was “similar to VISTA”. Any media guru worth listening to should know that Microsoft copied WINDOWS from Apple in the first place and has been playing catch-up ever since – and that MAC OS X is more stable, more secure and more flexible – as well as damn sight more pleasant to use. When are you media people going to stop sucking up to MS?

    [Bill says: Mike, I don’t think I suck up to Microsoft at all, but I do acknowledge when they do good work – and criticise strongly when they mess up. Vista is comparable to Mac OS at the user level now, even if they look very different underneath, and I don’t think that Microsoft copied many Tiger features – the development timescale for Vista/Longhorn would indicate that two bunches of clever people were thinking about the same problems at around the same time.]

  2. I have of late; I know not why, started to feel, that Global Corporate culture has now shaken it’s head, and after the first hard few beatings, has rubbed it’s (very expensive) eyes.
    It now sees the target. Clearly.

    Thank you Tim, thank you IETF, thank you CERN, thank you Vince et al. Do you know what they’re going to do to your daughter now??

    The Internet and her standards belong to the planet Earth and her people.

    It would be a commendable thing if MS and their friends were genuinely forwarding global standards without personal gain.
    But this is not the case.

    I know history is written by the winning side…

    www is not a product.

    Who will be the guardians of the internet for the planet and it’s people?

    Digital Rights Management is not the www


  3. Ref. Previous post –

    ‘Vista is comparable to Mac OS at the user level now’

    Sorry, but you are completely wrong.

    Vista only asks for permission (yes|no) OS X asks for an *Admin username and password*

    How is this comparable?

    Billyjobobby boy clicks ‘Yes’ all da time, yes siree!

    Therein lies the problem.


    If you are referring to eye-candy then yeah, anyone can do that
    (esp. with BG’s budget) They’ve had, how many years, to slap that on?? More than 5…

    Please tell me about the real world advances Vista has made; I would love to hear them.

    OK, OS X and Vista look just as pretty, but that is where it ends.

    Designing in, a ground-up, user security model (a model that would address 99% of the problems we see now worldwide) takes a bit more effort. OK we’ll avoid that!

    Plus fewer people would turn up to the press launch. Unless you called it ‘Aero Security’ Cool!

    Please disregard this post, as I have just realised that this is no way to build a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    I do apologise if I have wasted anyone’s time.


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