Venice: the Biennale

I’m just back from Venice, where we’ve been reporting on the interplay between technology and art at the Biennale, the contemporary art festival that colonises the city every two years. There’s a lot to be said, and the programme (available on iTunes – search for Digital Planet – or  look on the BBC site) tries to convey something of the sense of this massive collection of installations, pavilions and events to anyone with an interest in technology.

One Reply to “Venice: the Biennale”

  1. Sophie Calle’s ‘dumped’ email installation was fascinating, but there was just so much to take in, I didn’t get the chance to fully read everything.

    I also liked Joshua Mosley’s computer animation of the bronze figures in the main pavillion – that was a haunting piece.

    There were some really interesting ‘old school’ video installations dotted around, too, such as ‘Art must be Beautiful, Artist must be Beautiful’ by Marina Abramovic in the Venezia Pavillion.

    However, one of the most unexpected things I found at Biennale were the Digital Planet duo themselves, sat in a shady spot beneath a tree on the main avenue!

    Yes, I’m the guy wearing the Digg t-shirt who wandered over to say hello. I hope I didn’t ruin a take – it didn’t occur to me you might have been recording at the time. 🙂

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