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I am often invited to speak at conferences. seminars and other events.Usually I write an essay about the topic under consideration and then prepare a presentation which acts as a framework for my talk. Both are available here where both exist – sometimes I just make it up as I go along, in which case there’s only the essay or maybe even just some scrappy notes.

The presentations are generally in PowerPoint (I know, I know, but there’s always OpenOffice) and you will need a viewer to look at them. The essays are Web pages, and some are still hosted over at andfinally.com. If you want my lectures at City University look here

the presentation

the essay


November 2006

Web 2.0: talk to Bath University Computer Science Society Slides as a series of GIFS interesting times

October 2006

Wired futures – talk to APLAWS user group 061013webfutures.ppt

September 2006

Email Futures – talk to Astra user group emailfutures.ppt

January 2006

Europe Talks Tickets sales channels ppt (17 Mb – sorry, lots of pics) Sales Channels in the WIred World (.doc)


October 2005

Silver Surfers Awards silversurfers.ppt (3Mb) BBC column on the topic

July 2005

Hansard Society: Spinning the Web talk – htm generated from ppt the paper (taken from ‘Spinning the Web‘)

June 2005

Lugradio talk – ppt


June 2004 Notcon 04 talk net politics


April 2003 20 things you never knew about the net 20things.html
March 2003 Leeds Metropolitan University:
Safe European Home
safe.ppt (165K) safe.html
March 2003 British Council seminar on Science and the Media bcouncil.ppt (266K) bcouncil.html


December 2002

Is Big Business Killing the Net? Cybersalon Xmas Lecture bigbiz.ppt (41K) bigbiz.html

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