How to annoy your customers

I have a Barclaycard, and registered for their online service as it’s useful to be able to check statements and such like.  When I moved house I forgot to tell them – my post is redirected so I didn’t notice – so today I thought I’d do something about it.

I couldn’t find an obvious way to notify them of change of address on the site, but the feedback section had a pull-down list of subjects and ‘Address Change’ was there. So I selected it, typed in my address, hit submit – and got this. 

Clearly they don’t actually bother to think about their customers.

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One Reply to “How to annoy your customers”

  1. This is very sensible of Barclaycard as many scams involve redirecting your post (statements etc) before you see the fraudelent transactions on your bill. This allows the fraudster to do lots of low level transactions that don’t register on the unusual transactions filters and get more money out of your account before it is discovered. Requiring the person to call means that they can do better checks before changing an address. But agreed they should not have had better instructions and explanation on the web site.

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