Just like EastEnders

Watching ‘The Passion’ on BBC iPlayer I was rather intrigued by the programmes suggested by the ‘More Like This’ feature… ‘The Worst Journey in the World’ makes some bizarre sense – but EastEnders?

Odd suggestions for things to watch...

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  1. That is a bit weird. But then I can’t bear that whole ‘if you liked that, you’ll like this…’/’stuff like this’ stuff on Amazon, Last FM &c &c.

    Perhaps I’m missing the social algorithm gene. Or I might just be contrary…

  2. As someone who watched said Eastenders episode on Iplayer whilst working (on a Bank Holiday too) the connection is obvious. They both involved betrayal, torture, incarceration underground and apparent rising from the dead. Simple!

  3. @Chris: Just out of interest, why don’t you like the recommendations? Collaborative filtering is pretty en vogue in computer science circles, hence its prevalence in such web applications.

    Clearly it’s not 100% effective, but it does a pretty good job of suggesting at least a few relevant items to most people. Hopefully it’ll become more effective as user modelling becomes finer grained, more focused and up to date.

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