I’m a ‘neo-nomad’

or perhaps you prefer ‘digital Bedouin’ – both terms used in this San Francisco Chronicle article which claims that

A new breed of worker, fueled by caffeine and using the tools of modern technology, is flourishing in the coffeehouses of San Francisco. 

And Cambridge. And Venice. And Delhi.  Over the last few years I’ve moved more and more of my working life onto my laptop and filed copy, taken meetings and even done broadcasts from wherever I find myself.  It’s nice to know that we now have a name 🙂

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  1. It’s a cool label for a cool ideal. Really though, it’s only a new version of a very old way of working. Rather than a nomadic lifestyle, I think it’s more of a return to a pre-industrial, cottage industry, lifestyle. Only this times it’s with laptops rather than looms.

  2. Wow bill. You my friend seem like a very cool guy :).

    I could not believe my eyes reading your BBC piece on ‘the neo nomad’ just now. I think my jaw was open the whole time.

    I’m a nomad myself and have always been. I’ve been talking about it for years and years. In fact it has a lot of philosophy built into it, but we are on the same page.

    I also wrote bout it, and I dig your writing, so I have to ask if you’d check it out and let me know what you thought. I love the art of writing and would appreciate your critique.

    Article: http://nomadishere.com/2007/03/12/a-note-to-employers-8-things-intelligent-people-geeks-and-nerds-need-to-work-happy/

  3. Hello Bill,

    Nice article on the BBC News! Thank you. I have been working on the neo-nomad since the time I was enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 1999. The title of my MIT thesis is Embodiment: Mental and Physical Geographies of the Neo-nomad. Since, I wrote many articles about neo-nomads, some for Ubicomp conferences… I opened my research blog much later in 2005…

    I like Digital Bedouin too 🙂



  4. Hello Bill, my name’s Andrew and I’m a product design student studying at Central Saint Martins, London.
    I’m trying to design a product that allows a neo-nomad to set up a work environment very quickly and have everything instantly to hand. To help me make design choices I’ve created a short online survey to collect info about where people work, what they need, how they get there etc. I’d REALLY appreciate it if you, as a neo-nomad, would be so kind as to fill it in for me. It’s multiple choice and only 6 questions long.

    Click here to take survey

    If you have any friends/contacts that are doing the same and would be willing to fill this out then please pass it on.

    I’ll keep you updated.

    Best wishes

    – Andrew

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