I don’t know what time it is..

Woke up this morning and I’ve come downstairs to two computers, a digital radio and a phone, all of which say 0840.  I think that they have all automatically skipped forward an hour because DST kicked in this morning, but I can’t be sure. Perhaps it’s 0940 by the clock – I don’t seem to have any analogue devices or anything that isn’t connected to a network any more – no clocks to adjust, nothing to check.  Even the TV automatically adjusts itself via the teletext time signal.

Welcome to the networked world. Now that the systems are telling me what time it is, I wonder how long before they are telling me what to do with that time…

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  1. I recently upgraded my incredibly old mobile phone to a much more whizzy one (it even has WiFi on it which is a boon), I was very pleased to see that it adjusted to DST.

    Of course, I did wonder for an instant whether it had in fact changed the time automatically. Otherwise I was worried that I was about to miss an hour in this high-paced world. ;->

  2. Ah ha! It appears your server is an hour behind! I left that last comments after 10pm, and it claims 9pm…. This is amazingly ironic don’t you think?

  3. I had a similar problem when the UK clocks changed recently. The new alaram clock, which doubles as a digital radio, updated itself. I was not very popular when, blissfully unaware of this, I ruined my wife’s Sunday morning!

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